Real Money Poker Tips

You can play poker for as little as a few cents or you can play for million of dollars in real poker money. No matter what stakes you play, it's important to have a good solid poker strategy that you can put into action at the table. Below you will find several tips that you can use when you play for real money at an online poker room.

Know Your Opponents

The best move for you to make at the table depends highly upon how your opponent will react. If you know what they will likely do in various scenarios; this is a huge key to the puzzle.

Provide Your Own Bankroll

If you are playing on someone else's money this is likely to affect your mentality in approaching the game. If you can't afford to play in a certain game, it's probably a little bit above your skill level anyway.

Select Your Poker Games Carefully

Don't just jump into the first cash game table or poker tournament that you see.

If it's a cash game; watch everyone play before you even sit down. Decide whether or not it is a good table for you to sit at. Are the players making loose calls, aggressive raises, or just playing poorly in general?.

If it's a tournament than there is not as much research you can do on your opponents before the tournament starts. Just observe the table carefully and try to build your knowledge base on each of your opponents.

Stalk Your Opponents

If you can find a bad player or someone who is on tilt, be sure to follow them around as they switch tables. If they are playing at multiple tables, be sure to at least take note of which table would be most optimal. Put the player on a list and look for them when you sign into the poker room. You don't want to do this for every player that you think plays poorly, but if you see someone who really sticks out, this can be a very profitable idea.

Play at the Largest and Most Reliable Poker Sites

There are risks that come with playing at some of the smaller poker sites. There is fewer security measures in place and the financial security of the poker site is usually not as stable. There has been more than 1 of these small shady poker rooms that has skipped town and ran off with the players' money. I can assure you that this has never and will never happen with Bovada Poker or Carbon Poker. These are the most trusted poker sites in the world and they have outstanding reputations with regards to website security and how player funds are treated.

Take Breaks From Long Poker Sessions

This can be a great idea; especially if you are having a losing session or something bad happens at the table. The poker games will always be there and they will always be juicy... come back after a few minutes with a clear head.

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