The Biggest Poker Mistakes

The whole point of this article is to discuss the most common mistakes that poker players make when they sit down and play for real money online. Some of these players are used to playing in a casino, some of them have been playing for fake money online; the majority of the players who are new to online poker will need a small adjustment period because of the nuances of the game.

Getting Emotional at the Poker Table

This usually happens when things are not going well for a poker player, but it can also happen at other times. If a player becomes chip leader, sometimes they might have a tendency to play more conservatively and protect their lead in a tournament. They might want to lock up their winning in a cash game. All of these scenarios will cause a player to not play their best and it's easy for this to happen in n online poker tournament.

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Creating Multiple Accounts to Deposit With

Poker players often do this for the purpose of creating a new screen name, however this is forbidden by most poker rooms. The end result is that the account is shut down and the funds are eventually transferred back to the player's original account... in the end it is a huge headache if you try to deposit with a new poker account.

Playing Out of Your Bankroll

This can sometimes be a cause of some of the mistakes that are listed above- if you are playing out of your bankroll, you might become too emotionally invested in each pot at the poker table. This can cause you to make poor decisions and you won't play to the full extent of your capabilities.

Playing in too many Tournaments at the same time

Lots of players like to multi-table. This can be easy when you are playing poker online, but this has the potential to reduce your expected ROI at the table. Once you become comfortable multi-tabling, it's ok to play in lots of sit n gos or lots of cash games at the same time... this can often be a decision that has a positive increase in hourly profits at the poker table. It's just important to realize how much this is effecting your game. Once you can quantify this, you can decide whether playing at 2 tables or 3 tables would be more profitable etc.